[SHOP Limited] Miche Bloomin'× IZ * ONE × sweet tie-up campaign 2nd

From Miche Bloomin', a new series using pearl pigments "Iris Glow" series is now on sale

A tie-up campaign is underway to receive "all" original postcards! Customers who purchase Mish Bloomin Color Contact Lenses (for all products) will receive an original postcard (1 randomly selected from all 7 types).
* If you purchase multiple boxes, you will receive as many gifts as there are boxes.

Furthermore, for all customers who purchased Mish Bloomin color contact lenses as a W chance project, 100 people will be given an oversized poster gift and a privilege to post their names on the ad track by lottery. ..
* Please apply to the campaign site using the purchase certificate such as receipt and delivery note.

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