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Cashless consumer reduction project

Important notice

Cashless consumer reduction project

Thank you for always using push! Color!
On October 21, 2019, the application of the careless less consumer reduction business of this site started.
When you purchase the item at this site, the credit card Amazon pay is reduced by 5% from the purchase price purchased.
Because the rate of reduction depends on your credit card, please contact each card company.
Subject period: from October 21, 2019 to June 30, 2020
* Note: Please note that the bank transfer, the remittance of the cash, and the payment of the cash, money, and the settlement of the payment of the payment (b), and the settlement of the payment (b), and the payment of payment (b) of the Softbank are outside the subject.


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MasterCard Contact the card company.

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Cash less point reduction projectTop page

Careless less consumer reduction project. )

As measures for leveling the demand for the consumption tax rate on October 1, 2019
This paper also includes the viewpoint of improving productivity by careless less and improving consumer convenience.
It is a business that supports the point reduction etc.Using careless less means by small and small business operators only for nine months after raising the consumption tax rate.



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