1. Terms

(1) (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) BEAUTEX Co., Ltd., per the provision of "Push! Color GLOBAL" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), you define the Terms and Conditions. Customers are using this site, and we shall use of this site in terms of the acceptance of the Terms.
(2) The Company shall be able to change the Terms and Conditions.

2. purchase of products, etc.

(1) The user shall apply for the purchase of goods, such as in the manner prescribed by the Company.
(2) on the application from the user sales contract between the user and the Company by the Company to accept (and shall include the service of providing contract. Hereinafter the same.) Will be deemed to have been established.
(3) The user is, if the sales contract has been established between the Company, the payment method specified by the Company in the period stipulated by the Company, will pay the price other charges.
(4) when the sales contract between the user and the Company has been established, unless you meet all of the terms and conditions set forth below, the user, the release of the sales contract, shall not be able to return.
a) there is a defect in the product or the like, or, that there is a company's debt default.
b) that we are unable to deliver to the user with no defect product or the like within a period specified by the company.
c) If the user has received the product or the like, the release within a period specified by the Company, the offer of return, it has to return the receipt to the product or the like.

3. Prohibited Acts

The user performs the acts listed below and shall not be.
a) ID, password and credit card misuse act of using this site.
b) interfere with operation of the site, or act with the fear.
c) the Company or a third party of property rights, copyright, design rights, trademark rights, publicity rights, the act of infringement of the privacy or other rights.
d) contrary to public order and morals, or act with the fear.
Violate e) laws and regulations, or act with the fear.
f) Other activities that the Company has determined to be inappropriate.
4. provide the terms and conditions of this site
(1) equipment by the user for this site available are used, software, communication means, relates to a technique, etc., the Company is not responsible, also, it does not provide any support.
(2) The Company, for the purpose of such maintenance, without notice to the user, to stop this site, or may be changed.
(3) The Company, interruption to this site, does not guarantee that the discontinuation other failure does not occur.

5. Terms of violations

If the user falls under any of the following, shall we, that can be the user to any notification and can obliterate the user qualification without the notification and the user and entered into cancellation of the sales contract of the product or the like will do.
In the information registered in the case of a) application, if there was a false or incorrect in its content.
b) If you violate the contract with this Agreement or the Company.
c) gang, gang members and quasi-members, gang related companies (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters, etc.") Other conform to these persons, or, when it is a person who has a close relationship with these persons were found.
And unfair use of the d) organized crime groups and the like, or, funds to organized crime groups, etc., to provide convenience, when I went to the act should be condemned other organized crime groups and socially.
e) If the violation of the laws and regulations.
f) Other, if the Company to be inappropriate it is determined as the user.

Management and handling of 6. Personal Information

(1) The Company assumes that the personal information of the user can be used for the following purposes.
a) the Company's management to provide information services, system utilization services, the provision of other services.
b) the sale of goods, etc. of the Company or a third party, solicitation of sale, shipping.
c) authentication.
d) billing, billing calculation.
Reports from e) users, claims, and other inquiries.
f) service to the user, the update notification, such as announcements and other information, communication with the user.
g) questionnaire, campaign, marketing of the implementation of such sweepstakes.
h) for the purpose of improvement of the services that our operations to, the registration information, usage, tabulation and analysis of such access history. i) new services, development of new features.
j) maintenance of the system, failure correspondence.
k) the Company or third-party advertising (sending of direct mail, including the sending of e-mail.).
(2) The Company, if set forth below, and shall be able to provide personal information to a third party.
a) If you want to disclose to subcontractors or partners.
Order to carry out the settlement of b) fee, financial institutions, credit card company, collection agency, fund settlement suppliers and other settlement or if you want to disclose to the operators to carry out its behalf.
c) the Company's business on the need, lawyers and accountants, etc., in the case of disclosure to those who bear the confidentiality obligation to the Company.
If you from a third party that received the agency or local government or its commissioned d) countries, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, were required to disclose personal information.
e) human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of the body, or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person is the subject of personal information.
f) if necessary to our exercise.
g) If the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations admit.

7. advertising by e-mail

We are, for the user, and shall be able to send an e-mail for the advertising of the product or the like of the Company or any third party.

8. Our responsibility

(1) with respect to user product or the like, which was purchased from the Company, if the Company should compensate for damages to the user, only to direct damages, and shall be the upper limit of the price. However, if there is a willful or gross negligence on the Company, it is not limited to this.
(2) The Company, the information that is transmitted using this site, accuracy, usefulness, does not guarantee the legality and the like.
(3) The Company, at all not be responsible even if the damage to the user by not able and available using the present site has occurred.

9. notification from the Company

Notification from the Company, shall have to send the mail to the mail address registered in the Company's e-mail was reached when the normal to be reached.

10. abolition of this site

It shall be able to abolish at any time this site at the Company's convenience.

11. Governing Law, Jurisdiction

(1) For all matters related to this Agreement other this site, and Japanese law and the applicable law.
(2) with respect to the use of this site, when you encounter the conflict between the user and the Company, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction.