About the handling of contact
※Please be sure to read it※
【About contact lenses】
■ color contact lenses, as well as contact lenses for vision correction, because there is a case where if used improperly cause of eye disorders (health problems), please use it correctly.
■ contact lens is an advanced medical equipment
■ color contact lens than November 04, 2009 became the subject of laws and regulations as medical devices. Our shop is to get the advanced medical equipment sales permit.

[Advanced management medical device sales license number 30港み生機器第231号]

When you feel normal even a little, immediately remove the lens from the eye, please receive immediate diagnosis of an ophthalmologist, regardless of the schedule of periodic inspection.
[Rules on the use]
① Let's response to the inspection and prescription of the ophthalmologist!
Contact lens wear color contact lenses that do not meet the eye can cause a variety of problems. It of course is power of the lens to correct vision, for such is different from the curve of the surface of the eye by the people, it must also studied fit condition of the lens.
Moreover, the cornea (iris) or or have disease eyelids, or worsening condition by or to the contact lens a dry eye and allergies, but also to cause the other eye diseases. For comfortable and safe wearing, examination and prescription of an ophthalmologist is required.

② Let's be sure to observe the correct wearing way!
Wearing time of the day is sure to follow the instructions of the ophthalmologist, please be sure to observe the wearing period that is determined. In addition, the lens there is a such as breakage and loss, please do not wear. Please do not do absolutely also lending and borrowing of others and the lens.
※ period is not the number of days that have actually worn, it will be the number of days from the date of opening the package.
※ If even within the period of abnormality, such as the eye lens can be seen without the left to stop the wear, please receive a medical examination by an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

③ Please be inspected on a regular basis eye!
Will he be better to peace of mind and get used to wearing, but when you do not know your eyes are at risk.
Many of eye disorders, there is little awareness in the initial symptoms, the time it began to feel the pain and itching, you may pathology is in progress.
Please be sure to visit according to the instructions of the ophthalmologist periodic inspection.

Please perform the correct lens care ④!
If you wear a dirty lens, it increases the allergic risk of inflammation and infections caused by dirt. In addition, the oxygen permeability of the lens is also lowered, it is possible that adverse effects on the cornea.
[If you do not use the lens]
There is a disease and the environment that can not use contact lenses or color contact lenses. In consultation always ophthalmologist before you use, please be worn after the check for any that apply to the following items.

- the anterior segment of the acute and sub-acute inflammation
And eye infections
- uveitis
· Decreased corneal sensitivity
· Eyelid abnormality
- corneal epithelial defect
Lens extent of allergic diseases affecting the wearing
Lens dry eye and lacrimal disease enough to affect the wearing
And other diseases in which the doctor has determined that inappropriate wearing

· If you can not follow the doctor's instructions
Lens who can not properly use the
- periodic medical examination If you do not receive the
Lens who can not have hygiene management required to wear the
· Extremely person who is not suitable to wear of nervous and contact lens

- at all times, those who are in the dry living environment
, Dust, people such as chemicals of enter-friendly environment in the eyes
And other, those who are in the environment in which the ophthalmologist has determined that wearing unsuitable