Delivery and shipping charges.

Delivery will be by EMS or your preferred international courier.
The shipping cost varies depending on the destination area and packing weight.
After ordering, it will be shipped from our warehouse within 5 business days.

Shipping weight is calculated based on the estimated weight of the packing materials in addition to the total product weight.

We do not collect handling charges.

Weight/Region Japan Asia

North&Central America/

Oceana/Middle East

Estimated arrival after shipping 2-5days 2-8days 3-10days 3-10days
Packing weight 500g or less free 1,400 JPY 2,000 JPY 2,200 JPY
Packing weight 501g or more free 2,100 JPY 2,900 JPY
3,200 JPY

Impact of COVID-19 on international logistics


Currency rates are as of 18 November 2019.Please check the exact amount on the order screen.

Approximate weight
10Lenses per box ・ ・ ・about 40g/1box
30Lenses per box ・ ・ ・about 100g/1box
Packing material・・・about 100g/1packing

About personal import

If you place an order from outside Japan on this site, it will be private import.
Private import means purchasing goods sold overseas for personal use. Importing is the responsibility of the customer and these products cannot be transferred to others.

If the purchase amount exceeds the duty-free price, there is a possibility of collecting customs duties.For more information, please contact the customs office in your country.