Return and refund policy


⇒Refund & reimbursement・exchange・cancellation is accepted we do not have.

【Return・exchange・cancellation is not possible case example]

  • Image difference,counts the mistakes, Order Mistakes, duplicate order, etc., returns by the circumstances of the Customer Exchange and cancellation.
  • The customer himself is damaged goods.
  • The goods arrived in 5 business days or more for goods.
  • Even once was used goods,unwrapped goods.
  • ProductOn the use of,not interfering with the extent of the outer box of the staining.
  • Long-term absence or of the customer to receive them by our shop will be returned to you.※Re-shipping are subject to shipping our products.



⇒Our delivery mistakes, and defective products if the return / exchange is possible.
【Return・exchange・cancellation is not possible case example]
  • The content of the order arrived the goods if different.
  • Arrived in defective products may contain.
  • Goods arrive within 5 business days, name and order number of defective products details and our contact information. thank you. Our shop is defective, check the exchange's guidance we will.
  • 5 working days passed, please contact your,contact your exchange / return if you are shopping for people at different addresses, you will need to. For the applicable defective product, the manufacturer in exchange for what you need and will stop using you,once the store we ask that you will be.
  • End of sale products such as exchangeable, except that in the case of the same product and replacing of staff.
  • Return / refund response or the credit card is charged.
  • Of contact lenses the initial failure, and response from you, please contact us by email. Email confirmation after wrapping, we will guide you shortly. Outside these hours, contact the next hours more successively available, and will use all the time.
  • Once your order for buying customers to be"hoarding just now opening,"not"when I purchased was just going to use your"reasons and as you can guess, but also including customer's own risk and judgment free.
  • Incidentally, the return and exchange of goods is"goods once they've opened", not"goods arrive within 5 working days"to contact a defective product・wrong product not registered.