【Operating Officer name】
Naoki Iwase

Color contact, etc.

【Postal code】

Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka terrace 3F
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-15-1

【phone number】

【Open e-mail address】

【Trade name or service name】
Push! Color GLOBAL

【homepage address】

【Payment method】
Bank transfer, credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, apple Pay, GMO deferred payment

【Payment time limit】
Payment due date we have been less than seven business days from receiving your order. However, there are times when we are determined separately.
Please pay in cash at the time of delivery in the case of cash-on-delivery.

【Delivery time&Shipping fee】
All deliveries will be made by EMS.
The shipping cost varies depending on the destination area and packing weight.
Ships within 3-5 business days after ordering.

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【Minimum order Quantity】
One than (set)

【Return deadline】
In the case of shipping defective or erroneous, but there is indeed trouble, upon contact us by e-mail or telephone within 5 business days from the commodity arrival, please return the product or the like within 7 business days. If there is no when there is no contact us or send back to the period, because it does not respond to the returned or exchanged, please understand.

【Return (for defective products) exchange of the conditions】
Returned or exchanged for customer convenience is not being received at all.
Your order Miss duplicate order, image difference, etc. also are included in the customer convenience.
If you do not receive the goods, you will be billed separately 1,650 yen as a cancellation fee (round-trip shipping + handling fee).
The event, in case you do not pay a cancellation fee, we will limit the use of this shop in the future. Please note.
If our company we have determined that the defective or mis-shipment, we will replace the product or the like. In this case, the shipping cost to return will be borne by our company. By reason of there is no stock or the like, after receiving the return of goods, etc. from our customers,
For items that can not be replaced in the product or the number of articles of a limited commodity production of the manufacturer has been completed, I will repay.
The defective product, because it does not include products that you have damaged or soiled, please understand.
Also, if mis-shipment, please do not never opened.

【With respect to prescription or contact lenses instructions Please present】
Products by you will need to present your prescription or contact lenses instructions Upon purchase. We ask that you please provide the following method after your order.
※ certificate had you presented does not I will return. Please note.

▼ prescription or contact lenses instructions your presentation method ▼
Please send to pushcolor@beautex.co.jp at processed in such as a mail scanner, digital camera in JPEG / GIF / PDF image attached e-mail.

【Contact lens marketing authorization】

Advanced management medical device sales license number 30港み生機器第231号]
Sales manager Naoki Iwase