Legal notice


[Operating Officer's Name]
Naoki Iwase

[Products handled]
Color contacts, etc.

[Postal Code]

6-15-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Terrace 3F

[Phone number]

[Public e-mail address]

[Name or service name]
Push! Color GLOBAL

[Homepage address]

[Payment method]
Bank transfer, credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, GMO postpaid

[Payment deadline]
The payment date is within 7 business days from the order acceptance. However, the Company may decide separately.
In the case of cash on delivery, please pay in cash at the time of delivery.

[Delivery time]
We will ship within 10 days of your order.
If you order by bank transfer, we will ship it within 10 days after confirming your payment.

[Restriction of sales volume, conditions of sale, etc.]
From 1 piece (set)

[Explanation of charges other than product price]

Free shipping in Japan (excluding cash on delivery)

If COD is selected for delivery to Japan:
Free shipping if the total amount of the purchased product (including tax) is 5,500 yen or more
Free settlement fee if the total amount of the product purchased (including tax) is 11,000 yen or more

If you select a bank transfer: Transfer fee (the amount determined by each bank)
If you select COD: cash on delivery fee 330 yen (including tax) + shipping fee 550 yen (including tax) however free shipping depending on the purchase amount (see above)
If you select a credit card: the fee will be 0 yen
If you choose GMO postpaid: 330 yen (including tax)
If you select Amazon Pay: the fee will be 0 yen

[Return deadline]
In the case of defective or incorrect shipment, please contact us by e-mail or telephone within 5 business days of the arrival of the product and return the product, etc. within 7 business days. Please note that we will not be able to respond to returns or exchanges if you do not contact us or return them within a period of time.

[Conditions of return and exchange (for defective products)]
We do not accept any returns or exchanges for customer convenience.
Order errors, duplicate orders, image differences, etc. are also included in the customer's convenience.
If you do not receive the item, we will charge 1,650 yen (round-trip shipping + packing fee) as a separate cancellation fee.
In addition, if you do not pay the cancellation fee, we will restrict the use of this shop in the future. Please understand.
If we determine that it is defective or incorrect lying, we will replace the product, etc. In this case, we will bear the postage for the return. After receiving a return of goods, etc. from the customer for reasons such as lack of stock,
We will refund any products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer or that cannot be replaced by products with a limited number of items.
Please note that defective products do not include damaged or damaged products by customers.
In addition, in the case of accidental shipment, please do not open by any means.

[Prescription or contact lens instruction presentation]
Depending on the product, you may need to present a prescription or contact lens instruction form upon purchase. Please present it in the following way after placing your order.
The certificate you provided will not be returned. Please be aware of this.

How to present a prescription or contact lens instruction
Please process it into JPEG/GIF/PDF image with an email scanner or digital camera and send itpushcolor@beautex to by attached e-mail.

[Contact lens sales permission]
License to sell advanced medical devices:
Permission number 30 Minato Misei Equipment No. 231
Sales Manager Naoki Iwase