Legal notice

Sales company name BEAUTEX Corporation
Managerial manager Naoki Iwaki

Toranomon 4-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo World Gate Kamiya Town Trust Tower 23F

telephone number

Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00 Japan time, excluding weekends and holidays New Year holidays

email address Please contact us from the form ⇒Inquiry form

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Payment method ■ Credit card (VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / DINERS)
■ AmazonPay
■ PayPal
Other than the product price
Necessary amount

Postage :It depends on the delivery destination area and delivery method.

Payment fee:
■ Credit card: No
■ AmazonPay: No
■ PayPay: No

Various taxes:
■ The delivery destination area may impose consumption tax and value-added tax.
■ Depending on the area and purchase of the delivery destination, duties may occur. Tariffs are taxable and collected by judgment of customs of the destination area. There is no prior collection.
■ Rarely, separately from duties, customs inspection fee and customs procedure costs may occur. There is no prior collection.

The cost of occurrence after shipping your order will be borne by the customer. If payment is rejected, customs may be discarded or returned to Japan. If delivery is not completed by payment rejection of tariffs, no refund or redistribution is performed.

Sales volume From one
Application expiration date The transfer date is within 7 business days from your order acceptance. However, we may decline separately.
Product delivery time We will ship within 10 days of order.
Product delivery method

Delivery by shipping company after arrangement

In addition to delivery in face-to-face delivery, there is delivery to post posting and front destinations

About returned goods / defective products

Customer returns, exchange, and cancellation are disabled.

If our store's delivery error and the product are defective products, it is possible to return and replace it.

[Example of cases where we can not return / exchange / cancellation]
  • If the ordered product is different from the order.
  • If the arrival product contains defective products.

[When it corresponds to the above]
  • Please contact our shop within 5 business days from arrival of the product to our shop. We will check the defective product in our shop and provide information on replacement.
  • Five business days have passed by the day, we can not accept exchange and return without contact. In addition, we will cancel use, as it will be necessary for replacement with the manufacturer.
  • It is only the exchange of exchanges with the same product except when it is not possible to interchange the sale finished product.
  • Please note that we can not respond to returned goods and refunds.
  • The initial failure of the contact lens is different depending on each manufacturer, so please contact us by email. After confirming the mail, we will introduce you from our shop. We will contact you from the next business hours from the next business hours, so please wait for a while.
  • Customers who are buying together in one order, We will judge our customers' self-responsibility.
  • In addition, please note that it will be limited to defective products and mishandled products that you contacted "after opening the product", not the response to returned goods, so please be aware in advance. .
Expression, and product
There are individual differences in the expression and reproducibility indicated in the product posted on this site,
It does not necessarily guarantee profit and effect.
About sales of contact lenses

Contact lenses are advanced medical devices.Please be sure to ask for the contact lens for your own eyes, receiving an ophthalmologist's inspection and prescription.

【Contact lens sales permission】
Advanced Medical Equipment Sales permission:
Permission number 30 port lobe Equipment No. 231

Permission number 2 port lobe Equipment No. 64
Sales administrator Iwase Nauchi

[About prescription or contact lens directive presentation]
Depending on the product, you need to provide a prescription or contact lens instructions per purchase. Please present in the following way after ordering.
※ Certificate presented will not be returned. Please note.

▼ How to present prescription or contact lens instructions ▼
Mail scanner, digital camera, etc. processed into JPEG / GIF / PDF image and attached mailVia formPlease send it.