Privacy policy

BEAUTEX Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows.) It determines は, a basic way of thinking about the personal information protection of the user in "Push!Color GLOBAL" (called our site as follows.) as follows.

■About a definition of the personal information

I perform "a law about the protection of the personal information" with just what to fix it for Article 2 (the 2003 law 57th) (called "the Personal Information Protection Law" as follows).

■About collection of personal information

We collect the information about the following users mainly. But it is an illustration as follows and is not limited to this.
・Information about individuals such as the full name of the user, the date of birth, sex, a phone number, an e-mail address, an address, an occupation, family information, personal interest, inquiry contents.
・Information about the use of our service to run including the e-mail magazine subscription.
・The information about the manufacturing number of the UIM cards such as the body ID number of the cell-phone terminal where a user accesses our site to run, the FOMA card.

■About a purpose of the use of the personal information

We are limited within the following use purposes or the purpose that I informed beforehand and I collect the personal information of the user and use this.
・Our reporting service to run, system use service, offer of other services.
・The sale such as the products of us or the third party, invitation of the sale, shipment.
・The person certification.
・Rate request, a charging calculation.
・The report from a user, an objection, other inquiry correspondence.
・The service to a user, a notice of update, the communication with the user including the news of other information.
・Enforcement of the marketing such as a questionnaire, a campaign, the prize.
・Count, the analyses such as registration information for the purpose of improvement of our service to run, the use situation, the access history.
・New service, the development of the new feature.
・The maintenance of the system, deficient correspondence.
・Advertisement (I include the sending of the direct mail, the transmission of the E-mail.) of us or the third party .

■About the offer to a third party

We do not disclose personal information for a third party except when they obtained a visitor's consent.
But I may offer personal information to the third party when I establish below it.
・When there is the agreement of the person.
・When I disclose it in the company performing a financial institution, a credit card company, a collection representation supplier, the settlement of fund settlement supplier and others or the representation to settle the rate.
・When I disclose it in duties trust point or the business partner.
・When, in the need of our duties, I disclose a lawyer, an accountant for a person bearing secret maintenance duty for us.
・When it is demanded from the third party who received the engine of the country or local public entity or the trust according to the fate of laws and ordinances that I disclose personal information.
・When it is necessary for protection of human life, a body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person who is the main constituent of the personal information.
・When it is necessary for our right use.
・When Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and ordinances accept it.

■About management of the personal information

・To prevent unjust access to the personal information that we collected, loss, destruction, manipulation and a leak; a law of nature-like; take safety measures.

■Disclosure of the personal information

We cope based on the rule of the Personal Information Protection Law immediately after a user confirmed that it is the person when procedures such as disclosure of own personal information, a correction, addition and deletion, the suspension are hoped for. In addition, I may not attach it to the proposal that how is when proposal does not meet the requirements that laws and ordinances determine. In addition, on the occasion of disclosure, I may have the fee that we establish particularly.

■About Cookie

I use cookie for login and the management of the shopping cart in our site. Even the state that refused cookie can have you use our site, but recommends that I have I validate the cookie setting of the browser and use it because I can omit trouble of the personal information input when a visitor visited the site again in our site, and there is the page that uses cookie to have you use it more usefully.

■About an access log file

We use an access log file to investigate the trend of the user of our site.

■About a link

Our site includes the link to some outside sites, but, please refer to the privacy statement of the link website by all means because you cannot take responsibility about the collection of personal information performed on a linked website at all in us.

■Inquiry window

You must inform the following inquiry tellers of disclosure, the deletion of the personal information.
A telephone: 050-8882-8619
Charge: Naoki Iwase