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BEAUTEX Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) Is, (hereinafter referred to as the Site.) "Push! Color GLOBAL" a basic way of thinking about the protection of personal information of users in your defined as follows.

■ For the definition of personal information

"Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (2003 Law No. 57) (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Law") as a as defined in Article 2.

■ for the collection of personal information

It will collect information on the following main user. However, the following are illustrative, but not limited to this.
User name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, address, occupation, family information, personal interest, related to the individual inquiries contents, etc., information.
- such as e-mail magazine subscription information related to the use of the Company's operations to the service.
And information users aircraft identification number of the mobile phone terminal to access the Company's operations to the site, about the serial number of the UIM card such as FOMA card.

■ About the purpose of use of personal information

Our company, only within the scope of the following purposes or pre-announce the purpose, and then use it to collect users' personal information.
• Our management information providing service, system utilization services, the provision of other services.
• The Company or the sale of the product or the like of a third party, solicitation of sale, shipping.
- authentication.
- billing, billing calculation.
And reports from users, claims, and other inquiries.
Services to users, update notification, such as announcements and other information, communication with the user.
Questionnaire, campaign, implementation of marketing, such as sweepstakes.
• Our operation is for the purpose of improvement of service, registration information, usage, tabulation and analysis of such access history.
And new services, development of new features.
System maintenance of, trouble correspondence.
· Company or third-party advertising (sending of direct mail, including the sending of e-mail.).

■ About offer to a third party

The Company, except with the agreement of the customer himself, will not be able to disclose personal information to third parties.
However, if you set forth below, you may want to provide personal information to a third party.
• If there is a consent of the person.
• In order to carry out the settlement of the fee, financial institutions, credit card company, collection agency, fund settlement suppliers and other settlement or if you want to disclose to the operators to carry out its behalf.
If you want to disclose and to subcontractors or partners.
• Our business on the need, lawyers and accountants, etc., in the case of disclosure to those who bear the confidentiality obligation to the Company.
If the from-national institutions or local governments or by a third party that has received the consignment, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, it was required to disclose personal information.
And human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of the body, or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person is the subject of personal information.
If necessary, our rights exercise.
Personal Information Protection Act if the other laws admit.

■ Management of Personal Information

• The Company is unauthorized access to the collected personal information, loss, destruction, in order to prevent tampering and leakage, etc., we will take reasonable safety measures.

■ personal information disclosure, etc.

We, users disclosure of their personal information, correction, addition, deletion, if you are interested in, such as procedures such as suspension of use, after confirming that it is your identity, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, promptly correspond. In addition, there are times when your offer is not subject to offer you, such as if you do not meet the requirements prescribed by law. In addition, at the time of disclosure is, you may be asked for our separately specified fee.

■ About Cookie

Or login a cookie on this site, we use for shopping cart management. You can also order to use this site in a state that rejects the cookie, in this site, cookie for customers such as Habukeru the trouble of personal information entered when you visited the site again, asked to use more convenient since there is a page you are using, we encourage you to use to enable the cookie settings in your browser.

■ About the access log file

You will use the access log files in order to investigate the trend of users of the site.

■ About link

This site, which contains some of the links to external sites, because it does not assume the all the Company responsibility for the collection of personal information to be carried out by the linked web site, the privacy statements of linked web site Please refer sure.

■ Contact Us

For disclosure and deletion of personal information, please contact us than form Awa yourself the question you of the following.
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