Refund policy

Return and Refund Policy


We do not accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer's circumstances.

[Examples of cases where return, exchange, and cancellation are not possible]

  • Return, exchange and cancellation due to customer's convenience, such as image difference, frequency mistake, order mistake, duplicate order, etc.

  • Products that are damaged or soiled by the customer himself.

  • A product that has been in place for more than five business days since the arrival of the product.

  • Products that have been used at the same time, products that have been opened.

  • ProductOn the use of, contamination of the outer box of the degree that there is no trouble.

  • When it is returned to our store due to a long absence or a customer's refusal to receive it.You will be charged a separate shipping fee for re-shipment.

  • Once your order has been dispatched and your tracking number has been provided, we will not contact you.

  • After your order leaves Japan, please contact your local post office or customs directly based on your tracking number. They do not respond to surveys or inquiries from Japan. There are cases where the notification of absence or storage is not well received.

  • For any accidents during transportation, such as loss or damage, we will apply for a guarantee to the post office.

  • However, if the delivery is not completed for any reason and the item returns, it will not be refunded. Be sure to contact your local post office or customs office.



If our delivery error sisprinted or the product is defective, we can return or exchange it.


[Examples of cases where return, exchange, and cancellation are not possible]

  • The order content and the item arrived are different.

  • The arrived item contained defective products.


[If applicable to the above]

  • Please contact us within 5 business days of the arrival of the product with your name, order number, and details of defective products. We will confirm the defective product in our shop, and we will guide you in the replacement.

  • We do not accept exchanges or returns without contact ingress after 5 business days. In addition, please stop using the defective product and store it once because it becomes necessary in the exchange with the manufacturer.

  • Except when it is not interchangeable, such as an end-of-sale product, it will be only available for exchange with the same product.

  • Please note that we are unable to provide any returns or refunds.

  • Please contact us by e-mail for the initial defect of contact lenses, as the correspondence varies depending on each manufacturer. After confirming your e-mail, we will return to inform you from our store. Please wait for a while, sorry, because we will respond sequentially from the next business hours to contact outside of the corresponding hours.

  • Regarding the customer who is buying in bulk in one order, "I bought it but do not open it now", "I purchased it at the time of sale, but I do not plan to use it yet" I also understand the circumstances, Including that, we judge it as your own responsibility.

  • Please note that return exchange correspondence is limited to defective or mis-sent products that have been contacted within 5 business days of arrival of the product, not "after opening the product".