Shipping policy

Please read the delivery policy carefully before ordering.
It is considered that the delivery policy agreed to the delivery policy when the order is completed.

· Order can be accepted for 24 hours a day for 365 days.
· After ordering, it ships within 5 business days in principle.
This provision is based on the Japanese calendar. In other words, weekends, New Year holidays, Japan's public holidays are not included on the business day.
· If the product was ordered, if the product is included, it may be time to ship.

· We always choose the best delivery method.
The delivery method differs depending on the destination country and the ordering time.
It may be changed by logistics and international conditions. Always check information about the latest delivery means. It is mainly published in the site TOP news.
· Order tracking service is not complete. Please use it as a guide. Depending on the destination country or region, tracking services may not be available.
· Delivery days are just a guide. After shipping our warehouse, the luggage may stagnate at customs and local delivery stations, but they can not be controlled by us.
· As a result of customs inspection of the country of the destination, customs, customs inspection costs, and customs fees may occur. When receiving a product, payment is required. This is difficult to predict in advance and can not be collected in advance when ordering.
· You can not cancel your order for delivery delays and tariffs.
· In some countries, regions, you may not deliver luggage if yourself does not contact your local delivery station.
· If you do not contact the delivery station, luggage may be returned to Japan as long-term absence.
· Please describe the destination information correctly in English. In the case of unknown address, the order may come back to the warehouse after shipping.
· If you wish to re-delivery, you need to pay the shipping fee again if you wish to redelivery the product returned by the long-term absence, the address unknown, and the receipts. In addition, cancellation or refund can not be made in any case.
· There are countries that do not deliver in face-to-face.
• After delivery, the dropout theft after post posting is not covered by the warranty.
· As a result of customs inspection in Japan, if the order is returned, re-shipping is performed by another delivery method. In that case, we will bear the shipping cost.
· The loss of luggage by the delivery company may or may not be guaranteed. In the case of EMS, the warranty limit is 20,000 yen (including shipping fee and fee).