Shipping policy

We will ship within 10 days after ordering (in the case of prepayment, after payment is confirmed). We will try to deliver it to our customers as soon as possible, so please wait for a while until the arrival of the product.
If you are out of stock at the manufacturer, you may need time.
When you receive a shipping completion email from our store, please receive your package within 7 days. Each delivery store is available for 7 days. If delivery is not completed by the storage date, your package will be returned to our store.
In order to re-ship the returned item, you need to pay a separate re-shipping fee of 880 yen, and if you do not need to re-ship, we will charge 1,650 yen as a cancellation fee. If you do not pay any of the re-shipment fees or cancellation fees, we will limit your use of our shop.
If we judge it to be "bad" from the past return reason and transaction history, we may cancel processing without receiving advance notice even if you place a new order.
If your order during the limited-time campaign becomes a re-shipment, there is a possibility that it will not be eligible for the campaign.
When you pay the re-shipment fee, there is a case that it becomes a sale or a missing item.
Incomplete delivery is mainly due to the following cases:
Long-term absence
It is a state in which the absence at the time of delivery continues. If you are away, you will receive an absentee note in your post, so please arrange a redelivery based on the form.
Address unknown
There are some deficiencies in the delivery destination information (input error, room number omission, street loss, nameplate difference, moving, etc.). Please contact the delivery store to arrange for address correction and redelivery.
Rejection of receipt
The delivery is in complete after the receipt is declared to the carrier. We cannot accept any cancellation due to customer circumstances after shipment (change of mind, order error, etc.), so please contact the delivery store and arrange for redelivery.