Terms of service


(1)In BEAUTEX Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows.), the visitor that I establish this agreement, and this site is used shall use this site on providing "Push!Color GLOBAL" (following "book site") after having consented to this agreement.
(2)We shall be able to change this agreement.

2.The purchase such as products

(1)The user shall propose the purchase such as products by our method to determine.
(2)By our consenting for the application from a user; between user and us a sales contract (shall include the offer contract of the service.) Same as follows;). But, it shall be established.
(3)When a sales contract is established between us, the user shall pay price or other rates by the payment method that we establish at our time to set.
(4)The cancellation of the sales contract shall not be able to return goods to the user unless I meet all the conditions to establish as follows when a sales contract was established with a user between us.
a)There is a defect to the products or there is our default on an obligation.
b)We cannot deliver products without the defect to a user within our period to set.
c)Having returned the products which I did cancellation, proposal of the returned goods within our period to set when a user received products and received.

3.Prohibition act

The user shall not have to perform an act to advocate below.
a)ID, a password and an act to misuse a credit card, and to use this site.
b)Interfere with the administration of this site; or is an act with the fear.
c)An act to infringe the property right of us or the third party, a copyright, a design right, a trademark, a right of likeness, privacy or other rights.
d)Against public order and morals; or is an act with the fear.
e)In violation of laws and ordinances; or is an act with the fear.
f)The act that judged that other we were inappropriate.
4.Offer condition of this site
(1)About an apparatus, software, a means of communication, the technique that a user is used for for this site use, we do not take responsibility and do not provide any support again.
(2)We stop this site without notifying a user for maintenance or may change it.
(3)We do not guarantee that interruption, cancellation or other obstacles do not occur in this site.

5.Agreement violation

When a user corresponds to any of the following, we shall be able to cancel the sales contracts such as the products which concluded it with crossing the user qualification and a user they notify you and not to notify a user at all.
a)When, in the information registration in case of the application, the contents have falsehood and injustice.
b)When I violate the contract with this agreement or us.
c)When it became clear to be a gang, a gangster, an associate member, the person who followed these gang-affiliated company (it is said as follows with "gangs") or other or the person who had the relation that was close to these people.
d)When I used gangs unfairly or offered a fund, convenience to the gangs and performed other gangs and the act that should be criticized socially.
e)When I violate laws and ordinances.
f)In addition, when I judge us to be inappropriate as a user.

6.Management, the handling of the personal information

(1)We shall be able to use the personal information of the user in the following purposes.
a)Our reporting service to run, system use service, offer of other services.
b)The sale such as the products of us or the third party, invitation of the sale, shipment.
c)The person certification.
d)Rate request, a charging calculation.
e)The report from a user, an objection, other inquiry correspondence.
f)The service to a user, a notice of update, the communication with the user including the news of other information.
g)Enforcement of the marketing such as a questionnaire, a campaign, the prize.
h)It is i) new service, the development of the new feature count, the analyses such as registration information for the purpose of improvement of our service to run, the use situation, the access history.
j)The maintenance of the system, deficient correspondence.
k)Advertisement (I include the sending of the direct mail, the transmission of the E-mail.) of us or the third party .
(2)When they establish below it, we shall be able to offer personal information to the third party.
a)When I disclose it in duties trust point or the business partner.
b)When I disclose it in the company performing a financial institution, a credit card company, a collection representation supplier, the settlement of fund settlement supplier and others or the representation to settle the rate.
c)When, in the need of our duties, I disclose a lawyer, an accountant for a person bearing secret maintenance duty for us.
When it is demanded from the third party who received the engine of the d) country or local public entity or the trust according to the fate of laws and ordinances that I disclose personal information.
When it is necessary for protection of e) human life, a body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person who is the main constituent of the personal information.
When it is necessary for the right use of f) us.
When the laws and ordinances of g) Personal Information Protection Law and others accept it.

7.Advertisement with the E-mail

We shall be able to transmit an E-mail to a user for the advertisement such as the products of us or the third party.

8.Our responsibility

(1)When we should compensate a user for the damage about the products which a user purchased from us, only for the direct damage, I shall assume the price the upper limit. But it is not this limit when there is intention or a gross error in us.
(2)We do not guarantee accuracy, usefulness, legality about information sent to using this site.
(3)When the damage occurs to the user by and it not being available to have used this site, we do not take responsibility at all.

9.Notice from us

When emails should usually arrive at it if and when they transmitted an email to the e-mail address enrolled in us, the notice from us should arrive at it.

10.The abolition of this site

We shall be able to abolish this site anytime on account of us.

11.Governing law, the agreement jurisdiction

(1)About all matters about this this agreement or other sites, I assume Japanese law a governing law.
(2)When a dispute occurred with a user about the use of this site between us, I assume Tokyo District Court an agreement competent court under contract to the first trial.